juli 06, 2018


The video is about a situation between an active event (suggesting a narrative) and a state, in which the inner perception is most important.
I approached this from a phenomenological perspective: looking at an object and forgetting the context in which it is normally found, the function it normally has and seeing it as a spirited object on it's own. In order to be able to observe something as neutrally as possible, the observer must separate the observed object (for example: a table) from its context: the circumstances of the moment (which, for me, is what is usually the narrative in a video) and the usual function of that object. This is called the eidetic reduction. One must concentrate on the 'essence' of the object. 

In that sense, I think the video is also about a state of being, instead of a video that guides you somewhere as a viewer. I think that this concept can be enhanced by the way in which the video is presented (not on a laptop screen).

I also want the viewer to become a larger part of video, because the video already shows elements that I think are very responsive to the viewer. Ultimately, I want to enable the viewer to fill in both the role of observer and participant.