5 januari 2021



first sketches, working on exhibition at NachtExpo Deventer, collab w/ Thom Floris

Dream 1

I was in a small village with a lot of big houses. In one of those houses, Leonardo lived. His house was at the end of a fairly long private road. His house was much smaller than you might think, especially in comparison to the fairly long road leading to it. I might have to do with the mysterious reputation he had: he liked it that way. He liked to keep a distance from others in the village, and people were fine with that. Until one day, there was a dead boy at the beginning of the Fairly Long Road. I saw Leonardo kneeling next to the boy, while his neighbours came to the scene and accused Leonardo of killing the boy. Leonardo left, angry and hurt, and he stayed inside his house for a few days. I visited him a few times and we had conversations about things I was wondering about. For example, the size of the house. I did not ask about the boy. When I walked back, I was surprised because the boy's hand was still laying on the Fairly Long Road. In the back of my mind, I remembered Leonardo saying something about firing the housekeeper. That might have to do with it. The dream ended, not from my subjective perspective, but that of a woman who worked at the orphanage across the street. I saw this image through the peeking hole in the front door: Leonardo again, kneeling beside the dead boy. The woman from the orphanage shook her head disapprovingly, before calling the orphans for dinner. Leaving Leonardo in distress.